Wednesday, November 30, 2011


So yep this is pretty late but I had too much fun between October twenty sixth and October thirty first not to blog about it. There is no better way to join in the spooky festivities then to carve a pumpkin.  I went to superstore and found huge pumpkins for $2.49 so I picked up six and invited some friends over for a carve off. There were so many squishy guts everywhere and lots of seeds to roast after. 

Jonathan's Pumpkin (below) and BJ's below that!
Preston's Pumpkin (above) and mine beside

                                                      Zoe's Pumpkin----->

Once the orange masterpieces were done we made plans to meet a week later and race them down a hill. Only BJ’s pumpkin stayed mostly intact after the hill roll. We collected the pieces and went to a nearby ravine bridge and chuck them over the rail. The noise they made when they hit the ground was surprisingly loud.

                                                     Braya's Pumpkin------->
                                                              The Hill
                                            Braya and Zoe with their pumpkins
                                                    BJ and I after the roll

 At FHE Monday night there was enough candy to satisfy 45 people but only about 20 came out to the activity, which meant I took home an unhealthy amount of Twix, Caramilk and Mars bars. These candies combined with my lack of self control led to canker sore in my mouth just a few days later. Overall Halloween this year was a success- bobbed for apples, dressed up twice, carved and smashed some pumpkins and enjoyed it all with my friends.
                                                                   i LOVE my job!

This video made me laugh :)

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