Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sorta, kinda, really Busy

Oh man it’s been a BUSY couple of weeks, lots has happened- where to start? In the last few weeks I…
1-    prepared for winter. It recently snowed so I FINALLY got to wear my new boots and driving gloves. I still need to find some good snow pants but the search continues. The weather isn’t so bad right now so finding a pair is less urgent than I thought it’s be in late November.

2-    kindly asked my mom to hem my work scrubs. I like to call them my “kimono scrubs” The tops are so long and have a huge slit up the side. Don’t they remind you of a kimono?! And with the hemming of my new uniform pants I had to pack away my lovely colorful scrubs. Sad day. Sd, sad day! Goodbye reds, purples, browns, oranges, yellows and holiday themed scrubs. Hello grey boring uniform. I didn’t realize how many scrubs I owned till I folded ‘em all up and had to put them in boxes.

3-    got the opportunity to go to a super saturday where I made this cute crafty tile. I’m not really a creative person but this made me feel so smug.

4-    have tried unsuccessfully to catch up on my newspaper subscription. I fell behind a bit… well a lot… and now I got a pile to skim though since I can’t possibly read every article. My mom makes fun of me saying I should just recycle them because “whatever is in those papers is old news now” but I can’t do it. I have to justify ordering a three-month subscription of the Edmonton Journal and the only way to do that is to look at each paper. It was so much easier to keep up when I didn’t have a job but now there is no time.

5-    Went to my very first Zumba class. Oh man. That was an experience. Well I’ll just start off by saying I’m not really a coordinated individual as it is, so trying to follow an instructors quick-paced moves is not a talent of mine. Last time I tried a dance class it was belly dancing and the instructor picked me out of the group as the student needing the most help. Even after all the extra guidance I still couldn’t move my hips properly. I think about ten minutes into the hour-long class I stopped trying to imitate every motion and instead just focused on continually moving and keeping my heart rate up. I must have looked crazy but who cares, I still got a good work out. Our instructor was amazing. I can’t wrap my mind around how someone can move their body so precisely.

6-    have watched too much reality TV. I could be happy watching almost anything on TLC, except toddlers and tiaras- that’s where I draw my line! Many days after work I feel like I have no energy to do anything so I’ll watch two or three episodes of a show I’ve recorded, eat dinner and be in bed all before 9 pm. Needless to say my social life has gone downhill and I’ve become slightly obsessed with “Say Yes To The Dress” and “Long Island Medium.” In the last week or so I’ve realized what a waste of time this is. So I have a new goal- use what energy I have left to do something physically active, emotionally fulfilling or mentally challenging. My friend Kaleena came over for dinner last week and she told me about a ten item 30 day challenge she is doing and it sounds achievable. Basically each day you follow a routine:

-50 crunches   -25 leg lifts   -50 bicycles   -25 squats   -15 sumo squats                       
-50 calve raises   -100 arm circles   -15 push ups   -50 jumping jacks
-1 min plank
I start December first. I’ll keep you posted.

7-    got to assist with the most interesting extraction I’ve seen so far in my career. We took out the 2.6 (first molar on the upper left) and once all the diseased tissue was removed you could see directly into the sinus, little blood vessels and all. A dental sponge was put in the extraction site so new bone would fill up the area. After I go through the regular post ops the doctor adds in two more instructions that I’d never heard before – no blowing of the nose or breathing deeply through the nose for a few weeks. You see something new each day and that is why I love being a dental assistant!

8-    tracked down two packs of Laurentian pencil crayons on kijiji! I would have never guessed I’d find them anywhere. I posted about this in September but long story short- the company stopped making them over three years ago. This guy who listed them bought two packs in high school and put them in storage, forgot about them but found them when he was moving years later. I got both packs for $8 plus the shipping. Couldn’t be happier!!! :)

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  1. I love everything about this post!!! Your amazing! I miss you and I love that you go to zumba too, lol, i always feel like the most uncoordinated person in the room, lol, its hard to look amazing like the instructor, but I just know the practice will be worth it, lol. Your the Best!!