Saturday, October 08, 2011

Dental Halloween

At the end of September I had the opportunity to go to the North West Dental Expo. Last year all the NAIT dental assisting girls went to check it out and it quickly became something I’d look forward to attending the next year. There are guest speakers to lecture on currently relevant topics or new technology in the dental world, booths set up displaying products from a specific company and lets not forget all the free products they hand out. A friend of mine described it as a dental Halloween and I couldn’t agree more. I loved going around to all the tables and learning more about the technology or products displayed. They always have a wide variety of products; from laser surgery devices, digital panoramic machines and pink nitrile gloves to xylitol gum, ergonomic instruments and the latest toothpaste. I feel lucky to have such a passion for the dental industry. One of my favourite aspects of this field is that there is always new technology and products coming out. This career will never stay stagnant but instead keeps progressing on with new innovations. I love that my career allows me to help others gain knowledge and awareness about their health and well-being. I always feel so blessed to understand the importance of oral health when many others are not aware of its impact on overall health. Did you know that a persons oral health is directly related to the health of their heart?! Flossing and brushing makes all the difference! 

Answering a patients question always leaves me feeling so gratified! The expo ended up paying for itself with all the dental swag I received. I think I left with six different toothbrushes, seven forms of toothpaste, three packets of floss, a pack of pink x-small nitrile gloves and a couple sample bottles of mouthwash. I can easily say I’m fully stocked up for the next year or so. What really impressed me was how many suppliers are connecting their products to breast cancer research. I was happy to learn that many distributers were offering a portion of their proceeds to a worthy cause.
 Overall that day was a great experience and I even ran into a few friends from school and my practicum office! 

These are some bitewing x-rays I found on the internet and I thought they were pretty neat so I added them in!

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