Saturday, September 10, 2011


Since finishing my dental assisting program at NAIT this June my summer has become a strategic scramble to take as many vacations as possible. I’ve come to realize there are only a few opportunities left to do this before I have to dedicate my summers to a 9-5. Finding a job became the last thing on my mind, I just thought I’d line one up and start in September. Now that it’s September the reality of the situation is kicking in. It’s a strange feeling not going back to school; it feels almost unnatural when all of your friends are back in class and you’re left wondering now what? I guess the next logical step is to start in my career and take on a few more adult responsibilities. I decided the best way to tackle this unemployment stint was to head on over to the LDS employment center to vamp up my resume and cover letter. I am so thankful for Diann and Jennifer who helped me out; they are such wonderful, patient ladies!! We got my resume looking professional and put together and then I faxed and emailed it out to 15 different offices in Edmonton and Beaumont. I’ve already heard back from one office but sadly the position has already been filled. I also got an interview this past Friday for another office and it went extremely well. I got the job but it’s only 3 days a week (2 evenings and a Saturday). I’m hoping to get another job with 40 hours a week, no evenings or weekends so I can work both clinics. This is a good start!!!

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