Monday, September 12, 2011

Beautiful British Columbia

This summer has been full of fun travels! I feel SO lucky to have had the opportunity to see and do soo much in the past few months. My most recent trip was to Kelowna with two of my best buds Sadie and Lauren. We drove down in their little red echo and stayed with their aunts Paddy and JoAnne. This was our second summer staying with them and they always make us feel so welcomed and loved! Paddy is a wonderful cook and I learnt a lot as she created amazing meals using fresh ingredients and local produce from the farmers market. I wish I had taken a picture of those delicious dishes. We had so many adventures from bass fishing, beach tripping, mountain biking and floating down a lazy river to finding our spirit animals and hitting up a huge bookstore. I guess I’ll make a post for each of my five highlights. There were way more but I’ll just share a few.
                                             This picture doesn't even do it justice!
                This was our last dinner together. We went to a yummy mexican restaurant!
                          At one of our stops on the way there we found this lovely prop.
 Bahaha so Lauren spotted this super sweet bike and we just loved it soo much we took some pictures with it. Soo many people ride bikes in Kelowna! They have lots of bike lanes and great trails. The next one I buy I want it to be something to be like this! A cute little basket would be nice as well.

                                                                         How beautiful!!!!

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