Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Books, Books and more Books!

We also go to go to The Book Shop in Penticton while we were in BC. This is a HUGE used bookstore; I think it holds some kind of a record in Canada for its size. You walk in and the shelves go from the floor to the roof. We’re talkin nine plus feet here! Any genre, any author – I’m sure you’d find it there. The smell of old pages hits you as soon as you come in the front doors and at first it can be quite overwhelming (the size not the smell :) ), where the heck should you even begin to look? We spent a few hours walking around and I came across some great finds. Seriously this place was amazing!!! The owners have a few pug dogs and one of them talks! Strangest thing ever but on command she will say "I love you" and you can actually tell that's what was said. So if you only ever go there for Clementine the pug, I assure you, you will not leave disappointed.

                                                                 Sadie reading

                                                                Jo loves this place

                                           I'm not kidding- from the floor to the roof!!!!
                                                The ladder isn't even tall enough

                                                                       Front entrance

                                                                   Lauren :)

                                        I could only reach the bottom quarter of the shelf

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