Sunday, September 11, 2011

Crayola Is Taking Over The World!!!

Okay so that’s maybe a tad dramatic but seriously people they are! In the pencil crayon sense, it’s true – have they monopolized pencil crayon production? You walk into the store and ask for pencil crayons and you get a dozen versions of Crayola. I have been on a search for the past few months (the search getting more intense as the weeks pass) for Laurentien colored pencils. I’ll admit I’m kind of a stationary snob but that’s a whole other story. Laurentien has the BEST pencil crayons that just remind me soo much of being a kid! Crayola break too easily and they don’t feel the same when you use them and other pencil crayons are either too waxy or dull on the paper. Laurentien is what I grew up using and now they are seemingly impossible to find.

 I was looking at staples recently and in my frustration I asked an employee “where the heck are the Laurentien pencil crayons kept?” Her response threw me off; I was not expecting this but she told me they stopped making them three years ago! Walmart bought out the last of their supply before Stanford (the manufacturing company) sold out to a larger company that owns Rubbermaid and many other well-known brands.  No more ‘poppy red” “soft peach” “tangerine”  “peacock green” any of the other 56 favorite colors I have grown to love. Sad day, sad day! So in my desperation to get a hold of maybe the last possible pack out there I checked on kijiji and sure enough there was a pack for $3 but the poster would only allow for pick up and well Ontario is kinda far to travel to get my well loved pencil crayons. I searched out other places on the web but I’m never sure if ordering something over the Internet will prove to be a scam. Anyways the search continues for my childhood favorites. 

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