Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Good fishermen know all the angles,reel experts can tackle anything

 I hadn’t been fishing in so long so it was a treat when Jesse, Paddy and Jo’s friend agreed to take us out on his boat for the day. My only other fishing experiences have been at my aunt and uncles pond but that thing is rigged. You know there are fish in it, because they put them in there. It’s very different when your out on the lake and the fish are wild. The thrill of catching one is just a thousand times more fulfilling. I caught two bass and a lot of seaweed! It was such a fun day and I’ve decided that I love fishing! The ride back on the boat was super rough though; Lauren and I sat on the front of the boat and every time a wave crashed against the boat we went flying into the air and then SMACK, we’d hit the boat so hard I was sure I’d have to book an appointment with my chiropractor as soon as I got home. There were a few too many times I thought I’d just fly off the boat so I ducked down and wedged myself between the cooler and the side of the boat. Super uncomfortable but way safer!!

                                                                   Hahaha! Caught One!!!!
                                           Jesse,Sadie and I just chillin' on the boat
 Lauren looked so surprised that she was a good bass fisher. She beat Sadie and I with a grand total of 3 little fishies
                                                                    Proud moment!
                                                             Never fish and tell :)
                                    These girls are just so awesome and beautiful!

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