Sunday, September 18, 2011

Biking The Trestles

Mountain biking was another huge highlight! We loaded up two cars with bikes and headed out to a beautiful mountain area. The air was so cool and crisp you couldn’t help but breathe deeper. We rode along a well-used path and crossed some pretty amazing tressels along the way. If you’ve never seen or been on a trestle you have to go! Pretty much they are these long wooden bike or walking bridges that connect mountains or passes. The structure is so intricate and it almost looks like art the way the wood is arranged. 

The paths are narrow which can feel awkward as you try and pass someone but they are an experience that’s for sure. The bike ride was really great. Near the end of our journey we stopped to have a snack so we sat down on a bench just off the trail. As we were eating I saw something move out of the corner of my eye. I was surprised when I saw this little guy.

 I guess he wanted a snack too. He got a little too close for Paddy and she almost fell off the bench because she wasn’t expecting this little visitor. I’m so grateful that we have these magnificent mountains (and wildlife) not too far from us! 
            How pretty is this?! Seriously we are sooo lucky to live in such a beautiful country!
                                                  Sadie and Paddy on the trestle
                                                               Stopped for a break

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