Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Conquered the fear and cleaned my car

I have had this long standing fear of the spray nozzles people use to clean their cars at a car wash. My fear has two categories:
#1-The power and pressure that the sprayer has
#2-The issue of running out of time and/or coins before your car is really, truly clean

It sounds silly but seriously those sprayers hold soo much power.  I had a neighbor that went to the wash one day and the water blasted the paint right off her vehicle! Ever since then I have been determined to avoid the high pressure soakers and instead find other methods to clean my car.

The other form of stress in this whole silly process is that there is clearly a time limit to the cleaning you do. However they never tell you how much time you have left so you gotta be prepared with all your loonies, toonies or car wash tokens. I feel like it’s a ticking time bomb or a game or perfection- you never know when your time will be up. If that’s your last coin and your still spraying those soapy bubbles, well I guess that’s too bad for you.

I’ve had my ’91 dynasty since October 2009 and I’ve only washed it once. How horrible- I know! The one time I washed it I went to one of those drive through, no touch machines. This was nice because I didn’t get wet or have to hang onto that powerful water- blasting nozzle. But yesterday I did it!!! I washed my car with the pressure hose and it wasn’t soo bad, still powerful but not as terrifying as I thought. The force did startle me at first, causing me to scream but I got a grip (of the situation and the sprayer) and got it done!What a good day!
                                               Always gotta read the instructions first!

I was lucky to have my friend Jazzmine there for moral support and to document the process. It went by quicker with her assistance and it’s always nice to be around another person. Thank goodness for helpful friends!
Jazzmine helpin me clear out the back seats before we vacuum 

I have been thinking for a few weeks that I need to give my car a good cleaning inside and out before winter comes. It’s been getting colder lately so doing this today seemed like the best possible time for such a task. I had my work cut out for me, this past Saturday I was looking for something and I saw a bunch of sand on the floor and on the back seats. I honestly have no idea where it came from (I haven’t taken my ride to the beach or anywhere sandy this summer) but I vacuumed that all up. My best friend Anna has been teasing me about my clutter filled car for ages I just laugh that it took me this long. I am very aware that my fear of the car wash has nothing to do with the cleanliness of the inside of my dynasty. That I attribute to being busy/putting more important things first or maybe laziness depending on the day. Anyways my ride is currently nice, clean and ready for winter and all I had to do was vacuum out the mystery sand under the mats/back seats and blast off the dirt and bird poop. I figure it’s a good time to turn over a new leaf considering I turned 20 yesterday. Time to conquer those fears. Now to fix my next irrational fear….
                                                                               so much clutter
                                                                       mystery sand
                    I don't know how I drove around with this dirt and bird poop for so long.
                                 Jazzmine was super helpful and took care of the passenger side

                                                                        "wash me"

                                                The water makes everything look strange
                                                                  All clean!!!!

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